General Information

The School of Skilled Trades will educate those of the Triangle not only in vocational training, but also in soft skills, such as timeliness, respect, hard work and integrity. The School of Skilled Trades is student focused. We believe in the education we are providing and in the abilities of the students we are educating. As a result, our goals are also student focused: retain a high percentage of students; place a high  percentage of graduates in entry-level employment for which they were trained; work toward both institutional and programmatic accreditation. These goals are realistic and attainable and will, most importantly, benefit students.

Who are our students?

The School is for those students possessing mechanical skills and interest, but who might not have excelled in a chalk-and-talk classroom setting. The hands-on learning environment with an emphasis on real-world plumbing skills will help smart students who did not grade well in high school or who have a proclivity for spatial thinking and mechanical problem solving. These non-traditional students can gain confidence, learn necessary soft skills and experience success with the consistent support, instruction and high-quality lab equipment provided by the School of Skilled Trades. The School of Skilled Trades will educate students of all ages, ethnicities and genders. We anticipate most students will come from local high schools or those who recently graduated. These students are likely to be non-traditional learners, meaning they might not have performed well in a chalk-and-talk environment, are skilled with their hands, learn better in a hands-on learning environment, are the first in their family to attend a post-secondary institution and are likely to benefit from encouragement and more practical assistance than a more traditional student. This is also true of older students who are switching careers or have realized that the minimum-wage work they have been performing is insufficient to pay for the increasing demands of adulthood.

What will be taught?

The School of Skilled Trades will teach a six-month plumbing course leading to a certificate. The program is designed to prepare students for employment at parts supply houses, for entry-level positions with maintenance companies, and with plumbing contractors to assist with various plumbing applications by teaching them basic didactic and practical skills so they can assist with the installation and repairs of plumbing systems in residential and small buildings. Course work has been custom tailored to the industry, which instructs students regarding sketching diagrams, interpretation of blueprints, and practices in plumbing assembly. Students will gain additional knowledge of North Carolina state codes and requirements. Students will be well-prepared for entry-level employment following graduation and will be prepared to work toward their own license.

What is the cost?

The School of Skilled Trades charges an all-in tuition of $10,000 for the plumbing certificate. This will include tuition, supplies, uniforms for students while also covering the School's expenses. Should students wish to purchase tools, those may be obtained at an additional charge. Wake Tech charges nearly $8,000 in tuition alone for its plumbing certificate. We understand that enrollment at Wake Tech can take some time for students to actually begin courses in the plumbing program such that students will be able to get in, get educated and get out much more quickly at the School of Skilled Trades. We believe the return on investment given the time value of money, the speed to graduation, the skills learned and the individual attention received by students make the School a real value. Come learn with us!